Zomato Discontinues Premium Membership


The food delivery app Zomato has discontinued its Pro and Pro Plus memberships. 

In 2020, the company introduced Zomato Plus and Zomato Pro Plus after upgrading its Gold scheme.

Since we are working on upgrading our program, purchases/renewals are not available for the Pro/Pro Plus membership. 

You are requested to stay tuned to your Zomato app for further offerings/updates around the same," the app told Hindustan Times.

Zomato informed us that current subscribers will continue to receive the benefits of membership until the term expires.

There used to be additional benefits for Zomato Pro members, including fine dining hotspots to premium restaurants, bars, and cafes. 

Additionally, they get exclusive delivery offers that are not available to other Zomato users. 

As a result, Pro members would receive their food 15-20% faster than regular users.

As part of the launch of the membership plan, Zomato also announced a money-back guarantee. 

You will get your subscription fee refunded if you do not save 2x the subscription fee of Zomato Pro within the subscription period. 

"The money-back guarantee applies to all Zomato Pro/Gold memberships purchased or renewed today onwards," the food delivery app said in 2020.