Subway Service Resumes in Manhattan

Metros are back ready in Midtown and Lower Manhattan after 

police say somebody showered an obscure substance during 

a debate. It happened soon after 10 a.m. on a stage at Association 

Square. Police said the substance made a few travelers become 

wiped out, including regurgitating and hacking. One individual was

taken to the medical clinic for treatement. The N‌‌/Q‌‌/R‌‌/W‌‌/4‌‌/5‌‌/6‌ lines 

were suspended, and L trains were not running in Manhattan. 

The MTA said the NYPD and FDNY decided continuing service was 

protected. "Following a short suspension of administration on lines 

serving Association Square because of FDNY and NYPD reaction at 

that station, standard help has continued. The reason for the episode 

prompting that reaction seems disconnected," the office said in an explanation.