Ray Dalio Exits From Bridgewater


The Bridgewater Partners pioneer has surrendered his co-CIO job 

and casting a ballot rights as a feature of a progression plan. As the 

last move in his progression plan, Beam Dalio is surrendering control 

of Bridgewater Partners, the mutual funds firm that he established 

in 1975. Bridgewater is currently the world's biggest mutual funds, 

with about $150 billion in resources. The 73-year-old mutual funds 

chief affirmed his choice in a progression of tweets, after first reporting

it in a Bloomberg interview. "Today is an extremely exceptional day for 

myself and Bridgewater Partners since I changed my control of 

Bridgewater to the future and I have an extraordinary outlook on 

individuals and 'machine' now in charge," he tweeted Tuesday morning. 

"This progress second is the zenith of a 47-year venture." Dalio — who 

acquired reputation past mutual funds circles with a book of speculation 

and the executives reasoning called "Standards" — formally surrendered 

his democratic privileges and his job as a co-boss venture official toward 

the finish of September. In any case, Dalio said he will keep on exhorting 

co-boss speculation officials Weave Ruler and Greg Jensen, as well as the venture board of trustees.