Opening Of New High Tech Terminal

Orlando is one of the busiest international hubs not only in the U.S. but 

the entire world. Serving as the gateway to Central Florida and the Disney 

parks, the airport is seeing a surge of new investments lately as demand 

increases. In fact, its post-Covid rebound has been so surprising it is even 

opening a brand new high-tech terminal this week. In 2022, Orlando 

International again claimed the number one spot in Florida for tourist arrivals,

totaling 47 million passengers during the 12-month rolling period up until June. 

Back in 2019, figures were only moderately higher at 50.6 million, proving 

Orlando is recovering much quicker than expected. Now, its highly-anticipated

Terminal C is inaugurating, and travel is about to get a lot smoother: After five 

years of construction, Orlando’s new terminal officially welcomed its first 

passengers on September 25. The 300-acre expansion includes 15 extra gates 

that are able to receive as many as 20 aircraft and help ease pressure on other

terminals. As we have reported extensively over summer, flight disruption has 

been a primary concern for American passengers. This has been led by a 

widespread worker shortage across the industry amid a travel boom, but luckily 

for Orlando, Terminal C will both tackle congestion heading into the fall and winter 

seasons as well as accommodate a further ten to 12 million passengers every year. 

Based on these estimates, we can expect an increase in flights to Florida.