Modi Rebukes Putin Over War

Indian State head Narendra Modi told Russian President Vladimir Putin

that this moment isn't an opportunity for battle, with food, compost and

fuel security among the main pressing issues of the world as of now. 

"I realize that the present time isn't a period of war, and I have addressed

you on the telephone about this," Modi said uninvolved of a territorial 

security coalition highest point in Uzbekistan, adding that majority rules 

system, strategy and exchange held the world together. Putin answered

that he saw New Delhi's interests about the contention in Ukraine and 

believed it should end "as quickly as time permits", as per a readout of a

reciprocal gathering distributed by the Kremlin. "I know your situation on the

contention in Ukraine, your interests that you continually express," he told 

Modi uninvolved of a culmination of the Shanghai Participation Association

in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. "We will do all that to stop this as quickly as time

permits. Just, sadly, the rival side, the administration of Ukraine, declared its 

dismissal of the exchange cycle and expressed that it needs to accomplish 

its objectives by military means." Russia controls around a fifth of Ukraine in 

the wake of sending its military into its neighbor's domain from a few headings in February.