Milk May Cost More Than Gasoline

Since gasoline prices reached record highs in June, the number

is all the more unexpected, and analysts believe it demonstrates 

the dairy industry’s rapid inflation. The average price of a pint of 

milk has increased by two thirds in the last year, to 86p, or £1.50 

per litre. Single pints are being sold at smaller locations of the 

larger shops for up to £1.05, or little under £1.85 per litre. From 

highs of 191p per litre, gas prices have begun to decline, and in

certain locations, they may currently be as low as 149p at the 

pump. Milk prices have soared by two thirds in the past year, 

pushing up the average price per pint to 86p – the equivalent 

of £1.50 a litre. As supplies ‘stabilise’ after the shortages caused

by the war in Ukraine, petrol prices are tipped to fall a further 

15p to 20p. This would take the current average price of petrol at

166p below the average cost for the same amount of milk. It won’t

be the first time milk is dearer than petrol – but that was in the late 

1980s when a glut of oil led to the price collapsing. At the time, most 

Brits also had milk delivered to the doorstep, meaning prices were

relatively higher than now as they included delivery.