Jeff Bezos receives Philanthropy Award

Bezos and gourmet specialist José Andrés get the 'Prophets of Altruism' 

grant mutually at the Vatican. Amazon pioneer Jeff Bezos and 

compassionate cook José Andrés were mutually regarded for their charity 

at the Vatican this week. Bezos and Andrés were the principal beneficiaries 

of the Prophets of Charity grant from the Galileo Establishment, a not-for-profit 

that upholds crafted by the Catholic Church and Pope Francis. Bezos,

presently worth an expected $138 billion as indicated by Forbes, has 

zeroed in his magnanimity on three principal regions: environmental change,

preschool schooling and vagrancy. In 2021, he resolved to burn through 

$10 billion by 2030 to assist with tackling the environment emergency. 

"Our seas are acidifying, and our fish stocks are declining. Soil is debasing, 

and deserts are infringing," Bezos said in a discourse tolerating the honor. 

"In practically all cases, it is poor people and weak who are experiencing 

most these fiascos, while they have done the least to cause them. Really 

focusing on nature is really focusing on individuals. This message is one 

that we should keep on spreading." Bezos acknowledged the honor as his ex, 

MacKenzie Scott, has kept on standing out as truly newsworthy for a 

magnanimous gift binge she began after the couple split in 2019.