Google Randomly Sent Him $250K

Sam Curry, a self-depicted programmer, says he was strangely

paid $249,999.99 by Google last month and that he had no clue 

about why the tech goliath basically gave over a quarter-million 

bucks. "It's been barely 3 weeks since Google arbitrarily sent me

$249,999 I actually haven't heard anything on the help ticket. Is 

there a way we could reach out @Google," Curry tweeted on 

Tuesday with a screen capture of the exchange. He added: "it's 

alright on the off chance that you don't need it back..." A staff 

security engineer at Yuga Labs, Curry let NPR know that he at 

times messes with abundance chasing after organizations including 

Google. That is when individuals are paid to assist firms and different

associations with tracking down weaknesses in their product. Yet, he

says he couldn't sort out a connection between bug abundance chasing 

after Google and the total unloaded into his financial balance. The cash 

was accessible for Curry to spend, yet he said he was just clutching it on 

the off chance that Google attempted to get it back. He said on the off 

chance that Google took too lengthy to even consider hitting him up, he 

could need to move the money into a different record to try not to pay charges on it.