Fraudsters Fool Apple Fans

Cybercriminals attracted thousands to a phony transfer on YouTube 

inciting numerous to tap on counterfeit cryptographic money ads. 

Regardless of dubious pieces of information, the phony stream 

actually figured out how to draw 165,000 watchers. A comparative 

trick happened last year when Elon Musk showed up on Saturday 

Night Live. The deceitful video was soaked with notices for digital 

currency tricks, including joins that prompted notorious sites. 

Furthermore, the crypto highlighted in the commercial were somewhat

dark and appeared to be fairly dubious. Some promotion pennants 

showed "Apple is purchasing 100,000 Bitcoins," while others tricked 

clients to take part in a fake Bitcoin giveaway. The promotions 

additionally guaranteed that Apple was putting resources into Bitcoin, 

when it has expressed that it has not. The fraudsters had the option to

acquire income both through the snaps produced from the phony live 

stream and the misleading crypto sites. After looking into it further, the 

video uncovered many imperfections that are much of the time

indications of false action. As well as including the 2018 CNN interview, 

the video was casually named, "Apple Occasion Live. 

President of Apple Tim Cook: Apple and Metaverse in 2022."