First Solar to Invest $1.2B for Expansion

First Solar to Invest up to $1.2 Billion in Scaling Production of American-Made Responsible Solar by 4.4 GW

First Solar Expects to be the Largest Employer in the US Solar Manufacturing Sector by 2025

Declares plan to put up to $1 billion in new, 3.5 GWDC producing office in the US Southeast

Existing Northwest Ohio impression to be extended by 0.9 GWDC with $185 million redesign

Hopes to have north of 3,000 direct representatives in four states, while supporting an expected 15,000 backhanded and prompted positions by 2025

First Solar, Inc. today reported that it intends to put up to $1.2 billion in scaling creation of American-made,

mindfully delivered photovoltaic (PV) sunlight based modules, straightforwardly supporting the nation's change to a decarbonized future

also, empowering the battle against environmental change. The venture is figure to grow the organization's capacity to create

American-made sunlight based modules for the US sun oriented market to more than 10 gigawatts (GW)DC by 2025.

As a feature of its push to scale US creation of sun based modules, the organization expects to construct its fourth,

completely in an upward direction coordinated homegrown production line, with a yearly limit of 3.5 GWDC, in the US Southeast.

First Solar, the main US-settled organization among the world's ten biggest solar manufacturers,

hopes to put up to $1 billion in the new production line, which, dependent upon allowing and forthcoming endorsement

of different government, state, provincial, and nearby motivators, is supposed to start activities in 2025.