Different Types of Insurance Policies in India


Life Insurance

Life insurance policies are legal contracts where, against the coverage offered by the insurance company, you are supposed to pay a premium for availing the coverage.

Motor Insurance

Motor insurance is a unique insurance policy meant for vehicle owners to protect them from incurring any financial losses that may arise due to damage or theft of the vehicle.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers medical expenses that arise due to an illness.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a type of insurance that covers different risks while travelling.

Property Insurance

Insurance that protects the physical property and equipment of a business against loss from theft, fire or other perils.

Mobile Insurance

Mobile insurance covers offer protection against a number of perils and damages to the phone.

Logistic Insurance

This insurance cover protects a freight transporter for any damage and/or loss to third party goods whilst in their possession for transit.

Bite-Size Insurance

A Bite-sized Insurance Policy covers specific needs for a comparatively shorter duration.