Dairy Queen Releases Fall Blizzard Menu


One of the occasional flavors is motivated by a well known breakfast treat

Dairy Queen is prepared for the fall! The frozen yogurt chain sent off its true fall snowstorm menu on 

Monday, and it incorporates three energizing new treats that catch the kinds of the time.

The primary new flavor is the Cinnamon Roll Centers snowstorm, which is a frozen bend on the sweet

breakfast thing. It's comprised of rich delicate serve mixed with chewy cinnamon roll 

pieces and finished off with an earthy colored spread cinnamon besting.

For a sweets stuffed treat, the Reese's Take 5 snowstorm consolidates Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 

with entire peanuts and pretzels into vanilla delicate serve. 

To balance the pungent sweet treat, the snowstorm is finished off with caramel.

The Snickers Brownie snowstorm is the chain's third new thing on the menu. 

It loaded with bits of Snickers bars, brownie pieces and caramel fixing all mixed with smooth delicate serve.

Dairy Queen's fall setup likewise incorporates the arrival of three occasional top choices,

beginning with the Oreo Hot Cocoa snowstorm. It's loaded up

with Oreo Cookie pieces and cocoa fudge mixed with delicate serve.

What's a fall menu without pumpkin contributions? DQ is bringing back the well known Pumpkin Pie

snowstorm, which comprises of delicate serve mixed with pumpkin pie pieces and sprinkled with nutmeg.

Likewise making a fall appearance is the Very Cherry Chip snowstorm, 

which blends cherry and chocolate lumps in with delicate serve.