Construction Boss Hit With Ban

Construction boss was unable to explain transactions totalling more than £1 million, 

or eligibility for £40,000 Bounce Back Loan. Marian Daniel Clipici, aged 35, has been 

disqualified as a director for 7 years after failing to keep adequate accounts while his 

business was trading. Marian Clipici, a Romanian national, was the sole director of 

Dahlial Limited, which operated a construction business from November 2017 according 

to documents filed at Companies House. However, its trading address was also home 

to Dahlia Restaurant, a Romanian restaurant in Southampton, which recently closed. 

In addition, until July 2021 he was also a director of Dani-Deea Ltd, which operates a 

Romanian food shop in Southampton. The company ceased trading in September 2021

and went into liquidation. The liquidator identified a number of concerns, triggering a 

subsequent investigation by the Insolvency Service. Investigators found that Marian Clipici 

was unable to account for more than £530,000 paid into the business bank account 

between June 2019 and the point of liquidation, including a £40,000 Bounce Back Loan 

paid to the company in May 2020. The accounts also showed a similar amount paid out

over the same period, bringing the total value of transactions to over £1 million, none of 

which could be demonstrated to have been for legitimate company 

payments due to a lack of accounting records and documentation.