California Legislature Creates Pathways

California Assembly Bill (AB) 2011 of 2022 gives a smoothed out clerical endorsement pathway, 

practically identical to SB 35 of 2017, for qualifying multifamily projects on business drafted 

land that common wages and meet indicated reasonable lodging targets.

California Senate Bill (SB) 6 of 2022 doesn't give a clerical endorsement pathway, 

however permits private use on industrially drafted property without requiring a rezoning.

This Holland and Knight alert gives an undeniable level investigation of the two regulations 

to assist with projecting candidates and land owners distinguish whether these regulations 

ought to be investigated further to propel lodging creation on monetarily drafted locales.

The California Legislature passed Assembly Bill (AB) 2011 (Wicks), the Affordable Housing 

and High Road Jobs Act of 2022, and Senate Bill (SB) 6 (Caballero), the Middle Class 

Housing Act of 2022, on Aug. 29, 2022. The two bits of regulation expect to meet the 

long-examined objective of opening the potential for lodging creation on locales as of 

now drafted and assigned for business or retail utilizes. Except if rejected by 

Gov. Gavin Newsom, the regulations will produce results on July 1, 2023 - 

not in that frame of mind, with most new regulations.