British Airline Passenger Faces Charges

The fierce traveler was supposedly controlled by individual travelers 

until the flight landed. A 22-year-old British man has been accused 

of a few offenses in the wake of becoming inebriated and fighting with 

travelers and lodge team on an easyJet flight. The man is at present 

being held in a Greek prison after the occurrence on a departure from 

London to Cyprus, which had to redirect to Greece. An anonymous

British man is having to deal with numerous criminal penalties in Greece 

subsequent to becoming vicious locally available an easyJet departure 

from London to Paphos, Cyprus. The extensive rap sheet, which incorporates 

jeopardizing transportation, travelers and group, additionally expresses 

that few void containers of liquor were tracked down by the man's seat. 

The man showed up in court today and is right now being held in a Greek 

prison before a planned appearance before a looking at judge on Monday. 

The mid-flight episode happened on Friday night as easyJet Flight U2 8935 

advanced from London Gatwick Airport (LGW) to Paphos Airport (PFO). 

While few explicit subtleties have arisen about the episode, the man is 

accounted for to have fought with the two travelers and easyJet group individuals during the flight.